‘Friends’ co-creator wants to turn Saratoga County land into marijuana farm

GREENFIELD CENTER – A man who co-created the hit TV show "Friends" has high hopes of transforming 400-acres of land in Saratoga County into a marijuana farm.

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It’s a project they believe could allow upstate New York to become the Napa Valley of pot.

Most people are probably not familiar with the name Kevin Bright, but they are well aware of the hit show he co-created.

Bright and his wife Claudia happen to own 400 acres of land in Greenfield Center, and they have high hopes of growing cannabis on this property and creating an agro-tourism industry in Saratoga County.

The farm is still run by members of Claudia Bright’s family. They currently produce maple syrup on the property, and the family intends to continue the maple operation.

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When surrounding properties became available, Kevin and Claudia bought them.

They’ve now amassed 400 acres. They believe this is the perfect place and the quintessential opportunity to not just grow cannabis, but to create an agro-tourism industry.

They believe it will create more than 100 jobs, and lure tourists from far and away.

Right now, they are in the early stages of pursuing a cannabis license from New York state, and hope the state continues along its current path, which they believe is going in the right way.

Their hope is prospective pot farmers are properly vetted to make sure they go about things in a responsible manner.

Kevin says he’d like to see the process move along a little more quickly and mindfully.

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Learn about how soon he hopes to get the farm up and running, by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.