Gloversville crews make repairs after massive water main break

GLOVERSVILLE – Crews have been working at Kingsboro and East 11th Avenues, after a massive water main break early Tuesday morning that affected people throughout the city and some surrounding areas.

"I haven’t had any in two days," said resident Gloria Bullock. "I had six cases that I used, personal, for my drinking water and I had to use that. Now I don’t have any water."

Jean Hart says it’s been difficult. "Little bit, yeah, for showers and flushing the toilet and stuff like that," she said.

Schools have been closed for two days.

Now, crews have line stops in, and they’re re-pressurizing the system. Water is coming back for many people.

"We are still asking residents to conserve water just to help us out with making that water in our clearwell, until we can get back and running under normal operating circumstances," said Anthony Mendetta, Superintendent of the Gloversville Water Department.

Water is available at the water department on South Main Street, both bottled and from big tankers.

Janet Wade picked up water for a good friend who doesn’t drive.

"She is hanging in there," said Wade. "Things are hard for everybody right now, and we went to two different places to try to buy water and there was none for sale, so I was glad to see y’all when I came back by."

A boil water advisory will remain in effect for a while.

"I want to stress to the public too that this boil water advisory that we have going on right now is really just strictly for consuming the water," said Superintendent Mendetta. "Once you get your pressure built back up, you can shower with it, you can wash your hands, things like that with it."