Gov. Hochul honors public employees at breakfast in The Egg

ALBANY – Gov. Hochul was at The Egg Tuesday morning. She spoke at the New York State Public Employee Conference Legislative Breakfast.

The New York State Public Employee Conference is meant to bring together labor organizations having public employees.

The governor said during her remarks she will continue to fight for bonuses for frontline workers and will work to get more people interested in becoming public employees.

"I want to improve diversity in our administration – all throughout," said Hochul. "We all have to make civil service exams more accessible and easier. Why are they such a hassle? I was involved in many levels of government where the civil service exam was the point of entry.

Boy, was that hard for people to take time off jobs and sit there. Let’s just make it easier," said Hochul.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan also spoke at the event and praised frontline workers during the pandemic in the city of Albany.