Guilderland parents weigh in on mask debate

Guilderland Central School District officials say this year they will be following the three feet social distancing recommendation. This is a major reason why they want their students to wear masks.

The state Education Department’s recommendation falls in line with the CDC. They recommend all kids to wear masks because they are too young to get vaccinated.

Dave Fraterrigo has a child going into kindergarten and a child going into second grade. He says his 5-year-old son is shy. He believes it would be better for his son not to wear a mask, so he can see people’s facial expressions.

“If I’m weighing that risk versus my son developing his mental health and his ability to connect to other students, I’m leaning towards that end,” said Fraterrigo.

Maurice Odondi has a 17-year-old daughter who goes to Guilderland High School. He is concerned about the delta variant and is fine with his daughter wearing a mask in school.

“Yes, I’m ok with kids having to wear a mask. I’m concerned about the infection from COVID. And I myself wear a mask even now when I go to the store,” said Odondi.

Both parents say they will comply with the school rules.