Halfmoon woman hikes 450 miles alone in Spain

Sheryl Spencer, 52, of Halfmoon is just back home from a life-changing experience. She hiked 450 miles in Spain – alone.

Spencer had no idea how life changing this journey would be.
She had planned on hiking Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, a popular pilgrimage trek, with a close friend, but then that friend backed out.

So the clinical social worker resigned from her job, packed her backpack and grabbed her boots. Then she flew to Spain.

"It wasn’t until I got on the flight to Madrid I thought ‘What am I doing? I’m by myself,’" recalled Spencer.

For 38 days, she hiked every day, averaging 10-15 miles a day, a total of 450 miles.
She stopped at hostels along the way and got stamps to show each stop.

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