Hoosick Falls farm awarded new recreational cannabis license

HOOSICK FALLS – A farm in Hoosick Falls is one of the first in the state to get a license to grow recreational marijuana.

The Scarpulla Family began growing hemp at Scarp Farm in Hoosick Falls.

Then they partnered with Eric Larkin and Dr. Theodore Hausler for the Juniper Jill Cannabis Company here. They received one of the first adult-use conditional cultivator licenses in the state last month. Now construction work is happening on the farm.

Scarp Farm turns hemp into CBD products that they sell in their store, Hoosick Apothecary.

Under its license, Juniper Jill is only allowed minimal processing, so they will have marijuana flower and pre-rolls.

Company owners are excited about the possibilities.

Learn more about their future plans by watching the video of Kumi Tucker’s story.