Hospitalized Albany inmate’s custody costing thousands of dollars a day

ALBANY – Jordan Young was shot by an Albany police officer on January 24.

Body cam video appears to show Young charging at the officer, armed with a big knife.

13 Investigates has learned how much money has been spent so far to dedicate corrections officers to watch Young, who is still at Albany Medical Center.

Since February 24, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office has dedicated two full-time corrections officers to keep watch over Young.

The sheriff says it’s costing about $2,800 a day – adding up to $65,000 in total so far.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says it is Albany Medical Center’s policy to have two officers observing a patient who is in custody.

Young’s attorney is filing new paperwork asking for Young to be released from custody, because he’s still in very serious condition with open wounds in his abdomen still healing.

His attorney says he can barely move on his own.

She’s arguing he’s not a flight risk.

She also says she is not able to meet with him privately – arguing that violates attorney client privilege.

The sheriff says his officers step out of the room for the meetings, but are instructed to always keep Young in eyesight as part of their safety protocol.

Young was shot on January 24 by an Albany police officer.

Officers say they stopped him because it looked like he had a knife to a dog’s neck.

Body cam video shows Young running towards the officers. It appears he has the knife in his hand. That’s when they shot him.

The next court hearing is Monday in this case.

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