Korean restaurant owner in Troy helping to fight racism

Jinah Kim of Latham owns Sunhee’s Kitchen, a Korean restaurant in Troy.

She’s active in many areas, offering free English lessons to immigrants, and growing the non-profit arm Sunhee’s Community Place.

Kim grew up in Latham. She’s in law school and started a business. She says she grew up as the so-called model minority — a detrimental stereotype or myth.

Kim says she and her family have experienced racism.

"Seeing what my parents went through, having grown up in a majority white school, being called certain names, or even just very hidden and subtle ways of racism, whether it’s all Asians being grouped together or even at the restaurant being asked if we have General Tso’s chicken on the menu, those are things that happen all the time," said Kim.

Learn about what she’s been doing to help fight racism in the community by watching the video of Kumi Tucker’s story.