Length of Schoharie limo jury deliberations impossible to know

The number one question everyone always asks in a trial like the one in Schoharie is: how long will deliberations last? However, the only honest answer is that it’s impossible to know.

Everything that had to be said was said at the six-day-long trial that wrapped up on Tuesday.

After listening to opening arguments May 8, and then hearing testimony from 24 witnesses, the jury of four men and eight women listened to two-and-a-half hours of summations Tuesday from defense attorney Lee Kindlon and special prosecutor Fred Rench.

Rench continued his assertion that Nauman Hussain shirked his responsibility as operator of the limousine company to repair, maintain, and inspect the stretch limousine, and therefore should be held accountable for the deaths of 20 people.

Kindlon has long maintained – and strongly underscored on Tuesday – that police arrested the wrong man, that it was Mavis Discount Tire mechanics who carried out a fraudulent scheme, telling Hussain they repaired faulty brakes and inspected the vehicle when they hadn’t.

Mavis employees testified under oath at the trial that they committed fraud.

Hear some of the closing arguments by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.