Local thrift store is in need of donations after Wednesday’s storm

A local thrift store and food pantry in Nassau had to close their doors due to Wednesday’s storm. They have started the clean up process.

The Gathering Place is located on Albany Avenue. They sell donated clothes and all of their proceeds goes back to the food pantry.

They had about 6 to 7 inches of rain inside the store. The entire store and office area was under water. Michelle Boomhower is the food pantry director. She says they lost about to 20 to 30 bags of clothes due to water damage. Thankfully they didn’t lose any of their food. Boomhower says they reached out to the community and many people came out to help. Volunteers helped pull the carpet up and collect the damaged inventory. She says they will be closed for the foreseeable future, but is hoping to open as soon as possible.

“Everyday that we’re closed is another day that we can’t feed people. So we’re trying to work as hard as we can to reopen our doors to be able to get food on people’s tables again," said Boomhower.

Boomhower says they are accepting donations. She says they can send a donation to New Hope For Life Ministries. She says their mailing address is PO Box 415 in Nassau. Their number is (518) 766-0088. Boomhower also says you can message them on their Facebook page at the The Gathering Place.

If you’re in need of food, you can visit The Resource Center. They are also located in Nassau on the east side of the only traffic light in town.