Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in 2019 Warren County crash

Skyler Crouse has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2019 death of Joseph Turcotte.

Crouse, 32, was evading police at 111 mph in the minutes before he crashed into Turcotte’s truck off Exit 25 of the Northway.

He’s entered a plea to manslaughter instead of trial for murder.

Until Wednesday, Crouse was to stand trial on murder and other charges beginning January 10 for the death of Joseph Turcotte. The collision killed the well-liked 38-year-old boat builder from Horicon.

Crouse was injured, but took off. When police caught him, they say he said he was insane, late for a birthday party and on-drugs. Tests confirmed he had nine drugs in his system, including marijuana, cocaine and fentanyl.

Crouse will be sentenced to five to 15 for manslaughter and 15 years for assault. Sentences will run concurrently, which means the total sentence will be 15 years.