Man sparks holiday joy by gifting late-father’s old Hess trucks

You’ve seen the commercials, and you can probably sing the jingle.

Every year since 1964, Hess trucks have found their way under Christmas trees.

Chances are pretty good you or someone you know once got a Hess truck for the holidays.

Many kids tore right into them to play with the sounds and flashing lights. However, others saw them as collectibles.

A local Hess truck collector passed away recently, and his family was left with the tough question of what to do with dad’s Hess trucks.

The family had considered selling them, and could have made a pretty penny. However, they decided to donate them to Victory Church instead.

The lot of around a hundred Hess trucks dating back decades was donated to the church this week by a local man who wishes to remain anonymous.

The anonymous donor says after his father died, he also lost his mother and brother, and needed to experience some joy.

He knew Pastor Charlie Muller organized a gift campaign for kids in group homes, and felt that was the right thing to do with the trucks dad loved so much.

Learn what the church plans to do with the trucks, while keeping their valuable nature in mind, by watching the video of Jerry Gretzinger’s story.