Most NY kids can ditch masks at school starting Wednesday

Most students in New York state can take masks off in the classroom starting Wednesday, March 2 if they want to. However, viewers still have questions, mainly what does this mean for state-run daycares.

The Office of Children and Family Services is the state agency that oversees state run daycares. They say starting Wednesday, children and staff in state run daycares also don’t have to wear masks.

NewsChannel 13 has learned some daycares are opting for staff to continue wearing masks.

More school districts are putting out their own guidance, including Ballston Spa.

The superintendent there said masks are not required on school buses starting Wednesday, something NewsChannel 13 has been trying to get a firm answer on from the state.

NewsChannel 13 reached out again Tuesday to the Department of Health. They say they will get back to us.

Also interesting to note: Ballston Spa is considering a remote option for elementary students who are immunocompromised, and may not feel comfortable being around other students who are not wearing masks.

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