New National Geographic book explores health of seas

As NASA and SpaceX prepare to return to the moon and send more missions to Mars, there is still exploration needed of our own planet.
A new book out by National Geographic looks at ocean exploration and what we can learn about our planet’s health from under the sea.

"Ocean a Global Odyssey" is a labor of love for oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, who has studied the deep for more than 50 years.
She joined dozens of other scientists to compile the book on exploration and how far we have come.

As scientists study our changing climate, Earle says looking at the health of the ocean and aquatic life helps us understand the health of the entire planet.

She is hopeful that our advances in technology will broaden our exploration.

Learn about how quickly Earle says the technology is evolving, by watching the video of Meteorologist Christina Talamo’s story.