New Saratoga Springs play space comes with mental health support

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Improving mental health is the goal of a new play space opening up in Saratoga Springs. You normally think of just kids when you hear about a play space, but this one is also for their parents.

The play space was started by Christine Hernandez. Her energetic 5-year-old son, Griffin, has an inflammatory brain disorder.

"Which means that his immune system often goes into overdrive if he’s sick or has an exposure to an illness, or sometimes just when his body’s really stressed, and the inflammation begins to kind of cause some behavioral and psychiatric issues," said Hernandez.

It’s a rare condition, and finding treatment was very challenging. So was finding a place to get some support.

"I felt really, really lonely," said Hernandez.

Not wanting any other parent to feel that way, the former preschool teacher decided to create a safe space, and provide that support.

It’s called Allo, a play area, with support groups.

Hernandez says Allo is short for alloparenting, which the concept that it takes a village to raise a child.

It’s still under construction. An opening date is planned in late November. However, Griffin and little brother Hudson are already enjoying it.

Learn about some other things the space will offer by watching the video of Subrina Dhammi’s story.

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