NewsChannel 13 poll: New Yorkers concerned over economic outlook this year

Newschannel 13 continues to look into how voters are making their decisions at the polls.

In our exclusive poll with Survey USA, we asked 3,500 adults in New York how higher prices are affecting them.

The poll shows people are still spending money on experiences like vacation following the pandemic.

58% of people surveyed said they were not cancelling or delaying vacation to offset higher prices.

NewsChannel 13 spoke with a financial advisor in Troy, Steven Bouchey, Founder and CEO of Bouchey Financial Group. He says people are more likely to spend on things like a vacation this year even though going on that vacation will cost more than it did just a year ago.

“The one discretionary item that clients may think about cutting back on but aren’t, are their vacations. And I think that’s because after over two years of being kept at home, this is a year that they were hoping to get out,” Bouchey said.

However, he said inflation has been top of mind for many Americans, regardless of income or lifestyle.

Watch Stella Porter’s full story for more of Bouchey’s analysis.

You can read the full poll results here:

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the economic outlook for your family over the next year?

38% Optimistic

39% Pessimistic

23% Not Sure

How concerned are you about the impact of higher prices on your household? Very concerned? Somewhat concerned? Not very concerned? Or not at all concerned?

60% Very

29% Somewhat

6% Not Very

2% Not At All

3% Not Sure

Which of these are you doing to offset higher prices?

Driving less?

46% yes

54% no

Cutting back on food/groceries?

39% yes

61% no

Cutting back on eating out?

64% yes

36% no

Cutting back on activities and events?

55% yes

45% no

Canceling or delaying vacations and travel?

42% yes

58% no

Not making any changes

14% yes

86% no