NY state’s diversity, equity officer has plan to fight systemic racism

A systemic battle for Asian Americans is sometimes just being included.

When it comes to gathered data or even in the history books, the officer in charge of diversity and equity for the State’s Office of Children and Family Services says this systemic racism can be dismantled – if you know how the system was built.

Angelica Kang’s position came from a state mandate that said all agencies must have a diversity and inclusion plan, but her office went the next step by creating a full-time position to tackle these problems head on – to an extent – right some wrongs of the past.

Kang says there are still harms across today’s society that need fixing. She says by not gathering data about Asian American communities, we are erasing them. Sometimes, data is even lumped in with the "white" categories.

So what can be done to fix this? Learn about Kang’s plan by watching the video of Rachel Tiede’s story.