Organizers of Saratoga Springs formula giveaway plan many more

Here in the Capital Region, community leaders are trying to help parents tackle the baby formula shortage that’s being felt all over the nation. This comes as the United States received its first shipment of baby formula from Europe on Sunday.

The Palette Members of Saratoga Springs held a free formula and diaper exchange Sunday afternoon and they plan to host this event every Sunday as long as it’s needed.

Christine Hernandez, owner of Allo Saratoga, partnered with two other entrepreneurs for Sunday’s event. They knew the hunt for formula was daunting and scary – especially for first time moms. The amount of formula flying off the shelves is unprecedented.

The U.S. employed the help of Europe. A U.S. military aircraft carrying about 78,000 pounds of formula flew in from Germany and landed at an Indiana air force base. It’s part of President Biden’s Operation Fly Formula.

Learn why Hernandez says it was a no brainer to host this event by watching the video of Taniqua Pennix’s story.