Parents, Republican lawmakers rally to unmask kids at school

ALBANY – Students continue to wear masks indoors at school despite infection rates down and vaccination rates up.

Republican lawmakers from the Capital Region were joined by parents Wednesday morning to say it’s time to unmask kids at school.

Assembly Member Chris Tague announced a new bill to prevent state agencies from mandating masks for children. The bill would apply to school and summer camp settings.

If passed, the bill would prohibit state agencies from forcing children under the age of 18 who are healthy and asymptomatic to wear masks in settings like schools and camps.

Tague says the science has shown kids aren’t getting COVID in school. He also cited low are daily positivity rates and high vaccination numbers statewide as proof masks in schools are unnecessary.

Assembly Member Mary Beth Walsh compared the back and forth changes to mask wearing as "whiplash" for kids.

The governor announced earlier this week that kids no longer have to wear masks outside.

Hear from a child who says he’s been struggling with the masks by watching the video of Jacquie Slater’s story.