Rotterdam’s first female supervisor-elect has big plans for town

ROTTERDAM – Republican Mollie Collins, 66, has been declared the winner of Rotterdam’s town supervisor race by 261 votes.

Supervisor-elect Collins says her challenger called to congratulate her.

Collins will be the first woman town supervisor in Rotterdam’s 200-year history.

She says absentee ballots will be counted Friday. While she’s been declared the winner, she wants to see those final numbers.

Collins self-funded her campaign, spending about $2,800 on it.

She says her office will be open to anyone in town who has questions and suggestions.

Collins was born and raised in Rotterdam.

She decided she wanted to lead the town for one simple reason.

"I saw Rotterdam becoming a town I no longer recognized," she explained.

Her main concern is plans to put up big apartment buildings in town.

Learn what she wants to do to help control that by watching the video of Subrina Dhammi’s story.