Saratoga Springs neighbor documents recent street chaos on video

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Zack Lynch is the man who took recent video of a fight outside Gaffney’s Bar & Restaurant in Saratoga Springs.

He’s actually shot dozens more videos in that same area, saying it’s become his duty to document what’s going on nearly every Saturday night in that same spot.

So for more than 25 weeks in a row, Lynch has been capturing chaotic moments at the intersection where Caroline Street meets Putnam and Maple in downtown Saratoga Springs.

It started last summer. While recovering from a car accident, Lynch started taking late night walks.

A photographer and videographer by trade, he started taking pictures of sculptures in the Spa City at night. The focus quickly shifted.

Every Saturday since last September, Lynch says he has seen fights, arrests, people yelling at police, young people passed out from drinking too much – all in the same spot.

Most recently, he recorded the fight outside Gaffney’s Bar & Restaurant – where three officers were injured, and three people were arrested.

Lynch says he’s also been keeping an eye on the police response during all of this.

Hear his thoughts on that by watching the video of Subrina Dhammi’s story.