Schoharie church marks 300 years of serving community

SCHOHARIE – A four-month-long celebration is underway in Schoharie, marking a significant anniversary of the church that sits at the center of Main Street.

The Schoharie Reformed Church is celebrating its 300th year with special services that take you back in time.

The church first opened in 1721 just outside the village center.

The new location was built on Main Street in 1844, for under $5,000. It’s believed to be the oldest denomination in the Schoharie Valley.

More recently, the church suffered major damage from Hurricane Irene in 2011. Floodwaters reached the seats of the pews.

This 300th birthday celebration involves services that take you back in time. That includes a re-enactment of a service from the 1700s.

"Things we struggle with and go through as churches now were similar back then," said Rev. Mike Meyer-Veen.

Rev. Doctor Sherri Meyer-Veen is the first woman-ordained pastor of this church.

"It was all men until me," she said.

Her upcoming services will focus on women playing a bigger role in the church, and also the future.

See some special things inside the church that date back centuries, and learn about the vision for the church’s future by watching the video of Subrina Dhammi’s story.