Study: Single glass of beer, wine could shrink brain

A new study shows that even having just one beer or glass of wine per day can shrink your brain.

The study finds it gets worse the more you drink.

So, how can that impact a person’s brain health?

"The study that looked at alcohol and brain volume didn’t look at cognition or day-to-day life function, but what we do know is that the brain shrinks in things like Alzheimer’s disease," said Jessica Caldwell, Ph.D. a neuropsychologist. "The brain shrinks in healthy aging, it’s just shrinking to a different degree. So a little bit of brain shrinkage might not have any signs at all or they might be mild signs."

The good news is that the brain is resilient, so if a person were to stop drinking, it could rebound to some degree.
Currently, dietary guidelines for Americans recommends no more than one drink per day for a woman and no more than two drinks for a man.