Supply chain issues may mean shortage on some Halloween costumes

SCHENECTADY – Halloween is less than two weeks away, and supply chain issues are causing problems for some retailers.

Bonnie Johnsen is the co-owner of The Costumer. They just opened a new 7,000-square-foot space at Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady.

"We’re seeing lots of wonderful energy. People are coming in, they’re excited about celebrating, they’re shopping, they’re buying, and it’s going to be a great Halloween," said Johnsen.

She says Halloween last year was a difficult with the pandemic and no vaccine yet.

This year also has its challenges. With congested ports and truck driver shortages, a lot of retailers still have products stuck in transit.
Johnsen says thanks to strong relationships with vendors, their shelves are stocked.

"We’re thrilled about that, but my advice to any of our customers is come in early for best selection, because that way they’re going to get exactly what they want," said Johnsen.

However, due to the supply chain issues, they can’t be as accommodating on special orders.

Learn what some of the most popular costumes are this year by watching the video of Emily De Vito’s story.