Talking to your child about tragedy in the news

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The shooting at the elementary school in Texas has left many children asking their parents questions. So what’s the best way to talk to them about what happened?

Dr. Marilyn Sampilo, a psychologist for Cleveland Clinic, said there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable in front of your kids.

If your child is older, it is okay to have a more in-depth discussion to see how they’re feeling. It’s also important to show them healthy ways to cope. For example, take deep breaths, and limit your child’s viewing of the coverage.

"I want to be really sort of intentional about limiting exposure, so not just limiting, you know, having them watch news coverage or TV, but even if you just have it on in the background and you think the kids are playing and think they’re doing something, they still are likely taking in that information," said Sampilo.

Parents should pay attention to any changes in their child’s behavior. If they seem more quiet or withdrawn, it might be a sign they’re having a hard time.