Uber driver gives passengers ultimate Valentine’s Day experience

They say love is in the air during the month of February, but for Dana Mahoutchian, an area Uber driver, that love stays pretty consistent.

Mahoutchian has been driving for Uber for three years and said she loves it.

"I love connecting with people, I love hearing stories," Mahoutchian expressed.

She’s covered more than 9,000 rides and every day, she does everything she can to give her passengers the best experience possible.

"The epiphany I had, I was in Cairo, Egypt and I drove my first Uber to the airport," Mahoutchian explained. "And I thought, if they could drive Uber in this crazy town of 21 million people with the traffic that they had, I could easily do it in this area."

So she decks her car out in decorations every month. For the month of love, heart garlands hang from the roof of Mahoutchian’s car, "Be my Valentine" teddy bears hangout in the back seat with her passengers, while a snow man hangs out with Mahoutchian in the front seat.

"It’s funny because honestly it started with a simple accessory that my friend Rhonda bought for me," Mahoutchian added. "My thoughtful friend, she bought me a Christmas light charger for the phone and when I put it in the Uber even though it wasn’t Christmas season, everybody commented on it, ‘Oh my gosh I love your lighted charger!’"

When Mahoutchian isn’t traveling all over the capital region, she’s traveling the country.

"I’ve been all together 62 countries," she said.

Not to mention, Mahoutchian loves to figure skate, dance, and she even plays pickle ball in her free time. But traveling, that’s her first love and her happiness stems from the people she meets.

"I feel like travel is a way to connect with other human beings and also to dispel perceptions that people have for other countries or cultures because honestly we’re more similar than different," Mahoutchian said.