Video shows Fort Edward police sergeant shooting handcuffed man with Taser

NewsChannel 13 has uncovered startling new information and video related to the Fort Edward police sergeant who is suspended on an unrelated matter.

Sergeant Dean Watkins is the subject of a criminal investigation related to a man who was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles being shot with a Taser.

It happened inside the Fort Edward Police Station.

Robert Murat-Hinton had been arrested in connection with a fight at a bar on July 8. He was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles. As police were doing the paperwork in the adjacent room, Murat-Hinton was kicking the wall and damaging it.

An officer comes out of the office and apparently tells him to stop and he does. However, Sgt. Watkins comes rushing in with his Taser drawn.

Watkins deployed the Taser twice, driving Murat-Hinton to the floor as he was still cuffed to the wall.

Watkins can be heard telling Murat-Hinton he had no choice, and had to shoot him with the Taser to stop him from kicking the wall.

However, it appears the tasing took place after the kicking had stopped. The officers then also shackled Murat-Hinton’s feet to the wall in a position his court appointed defense attorney called “hog-tied.”

Public Defender Dustin Bruhns say Murat-Hinton suffered Taser burns and injuries to his shoulders and wrists.

Washington County District Attorney Tony Jordan says because there are potential criminal charges, he asked for a special prosecutor.

The Schenectady County District Attorney is handling it.

Watkins is suspended from the job, completely unrelated to this incident. He’s accused of falsifying documents, claiming that he trained other officers at a time when he wasn’t on duty.

Police Chief Justin Derway is also suspended related to the training documents.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to Sgt. Watkins to see if he wanted to comment. He didn’t reply.