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Asian American Saratoga Springs mayor recalls being target of racism

Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim made history when he was elected to lead the city. He is the first Asian American mayor of a city in all of New York state.

NY State Police looks to diversify, recruit more AAPI troopers

The recent surge in hate crimes against the Asian community has been well documented. The leaders of the New York State Police say part of the solution for the AAPI community is to become the change they want to see.

Hate crimes impacting health of AAPI community

Violence against Asian Americans reached its tipping point last year when people all over the world witnessed the attack that left eight people dead in a shooting spree now known as the Atlanta spa shootings.

Exploring racial tension between Blacks, Asians

For decades, there has been racial tension between the Asian and Black communities. Following the incidents of hate crimes, we saw a lot of people take to the streets, including Blacks who supported Asians in their fight against hatred and racism.

Guilderland School District committee focuses on diversity, inclusion

There's a renewed effort in the Guilderland Central School District with a committee focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Asian UAlbany students recall painful moments of racism

UAlbany students Ji-Won Lee, Tingting Liu and Jaci Young are sharing what life has been like as a student in the Capital Region since COVID hit.

Korean restaurant owner in Troy helping to fight racism

Jinah Kim of Latham owns Sunhee's Kitchen, a Korean restaurant in Troy. She says she and her family have experienced racism.

NY state's diversity, equity officer has plan to fight systemic racism

A systemic battle for Asian Americans is sometimes just being included. When it comes to gathered data or even in the history books, the officer in charge of diversity and equity for the State's Office of Children and Family Services says this systemic racism can be dismantled - if you know how the system was built.

Asian Troy business owner recalls initial struggle of overcoming community racism

Yong Rhee owns Nite Owl News in downtown Troy. He's built many relationships over 27 years, but says it wasn't always easy.

UAlbany professor using conversation to tackle Asian American racism

NewsChannel 13 is kicking off a week of in-depth reporting on violence and hate crimes against the AAPI community. UAlbany Sociology Professor Angie Chung has made it her focus to study this topic for the past two years.