Doctors in Warren County urge masks, distancing for those insisting on Thanksgiving gatherings

Mark Mulholland
Updated: November 17, 2020 06:32 PM
Created: November 17, 2020 05:37 PM

GLENS FALLS - Warren County, like much of the state and country is seeing an increase in the number of diagnosed COVID cases.

At Glens Falls Hospital, Dr. Sean Bain has taken care of too many patients with coronavirus.

The hospitalist says cases have doubled in less than two weeks, and have been "between four and eight times higher in the last month."

Bain said via Zoom news conference Tuesday that he doesn't want the numbers to increase during the upcoming holiday. "Just like everybody else, I'm tired of the pandemic."

So Bain says he's following the state guidelines and won't be gathering with his parents or family in Washington and Albany counties.

"So it'll be me and my immediate family together and that's it."

Ginelle Jones, Warren County's Director of Health Services, is hoping more people will do the same and not have gatherings of people who don't live in the same house.

"Maybe it's disappointing, maybe it's a lonely way to spend a holiday but it's a responsible way to spend a holiday."

Jones says sharing meals is particularly concerning because it typically happens indoors with people gathered close together and not wearing masks.

But Dr. William Borgos, a family physician and the Warren County Medical Director says if people insist on holding the big gathering, treat it like you would a restaurant.  

"Wear your mask when you're not eating. If you're going to gather, try to stay separate as best you can. You can still have a nice conversation from 8, 10, 12 feet away. It's far from perfect."

The doctors and Jones advise that if you're picking up a college student for the break, wear masks on the car ride and keep your distance for the first couple days they're home.

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