Doses of experimental COVID-19 antibody drug being released Tuesday

WNYT Staff
Created: November 24, 2020 11:15 AM

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has thousands of doses of an experimental antibody drug ready to go.

It is the same drug that President Trump received, and says he successfully recovered with last month.

The drug is being produced at Regeneron’s facility in Rensselaer County.

The Food and Drug Administration gave the drug emergency approval. It is the second antibody drug to get approval from the FDA since the pandemic began.

The treatment, which combines two antibodies, is given through intravenous fluids. In a clinical trial of about 800 people, the combination was shown to reduce virus levels within days of treatment.  

The treatment is for anyone with mild to moderate symptoms. It is also meant for anyone who has an underlying health condition, or is deemed high-risk.  

Regeneron’s drug is designed to mimic what a well-functioning immune system does by using potent antibodies to neutralize the virus.

The emergency use authorization allows for limited use of the drug while Regeneron continues to study its safety and effectiveness.

Right now, Regeneron will supply the drugs free, but patients may have to pay part of the cost of the IV treatment.

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