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Legislature extends moratorium on evictions

Kumi Tucker
Updated: May 03, 2021 08:31 PM
Created: May 03, 2021 07:56 PM

AMSTERDAM - Deana Mancini says one of her rental apartments was damaged by its last tenant, who she says refused to pay rent, knowing she'd be protected under New York's eviction moratorium. 

Many landlords are families renting out just a few apartments. They say some tenants are abusing the moratorium, while they, the landlords, have to keep paying their expenses. 

"We have mortgages to pay, we have taxes to pay, we have upkeep," said Mancini. "If anything is breaking, we're still legally obligated to make these repairs, regardless of whether these people are paying or not."

Property owner Manuel Santiago says his family is out thousands of dollars because of a tenant who simply decided to stop paying. Santiago continues to buy new items for the apartment. 

"So I had to go foot the bill for all these upkeeps, but in the meantime, I have nothing coming in for me and my family to support that house," he said.  

The pause on evictions is meant to help tenants who have suffered setbacks because of the pandemic. 

The extension would also protect against foreclosure and tax lien sales for residential property owners who have up to 10 units. 

The Legislature extended the moratorium until August 31. 

Some landlords say they've been flexible, but that there are a few tenants that are abusing the measure. 

"The ones that have decided Cuomo said we don't have to pay, we're not paying," said landlord James Williams. "Had no effect to their income, no effect to their hours, anything like that. They heard on the news that they don't have to pay their rent, they decided, I'm not going to pay my rent." 

"For the people that need it, we're there for them, and they have been very communicative and discussed all of their obstacles, and we understand," said Mancini. "But it's the blatant abuse that's really kind of tearing us down, and it's leaving us frustrated, in debt, with a pit in our stomach. I mean, we're not sleeping at night because we're just feeling helpless as property owners." 

Mancini says at this point, her family is down $27,000, with no end in sight. 

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