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Teens Helping Seniors

Kumi Tucker
Created: June 01, 2020 06:26 PM

For the past month and a half, high school students from all around the area have been going out to grocery stores and pharmacies, and delivering to seniors. It's all volunteer and they are eager to help more people. 

Maya Dhinesh read news about the group Teens Helping Seniors in Maryland and decided to start that in the Capital Region. 

Andy Foster got a delivery from Maya and he enjoys the service. 

"They are so anxious to do everything just right.  They call back if they don't have that cheese, do you want that kind of cheese," he said, with a smile.  "I'm delighted to see them doing this, not only for myself, but to see their involvement in their community."

Maya began with four friends.  Now, they've got more than 60 volunteers. 

"I'm really enthusiastic about the response we've received from our volunteers because there's so much of an effort from them," said volunteer Andrea Thomas of Albany.  "I can feel the energy that they want to give out into the community by doing these deliveries." 

"We have a little talk with our customer because we still want to have a personal connection with them especially during this crisis," said Itzel Garcia of Niskayuna. 

Seniors call or email to sign up and give their grocery list. 

The teens go shopping with an adult and make a delivery, calling on their way so the client can leave a check. 

They also work with the Teresian House. 

"We just do deliveries," said volunteer Rajani Nimma.  "They'll send us requests of specific items specific people want and we'll do deliveries for that.  If they have any events going on, we'll do deliveries for that as well."
"We meet with our founders in Maryland every week and then we meet with our volunteers in New York every two weeks," said volunteer Amira Salem of Rexford. 

They even try to clean the items upon delivery, wiping down groceries or using a UV wand. 

"I just want people to know that we are trying our best to help as many seniors out as possible with grocery deliveries and let them know that they are not alone during this pandemic.  That we are here to help them," said group founder Maya Dhinesh of Niskayuna. 

Andy Foster also gets his groceries through Instacart or with the help of neighbors, but he says Teens Helping Seniors makes life easier. 

"I think it's great," said Foster.  "It does two things: gets them involved in the community and it's a genuine service.  It really is."
There are so many volunteers, they wish that more people would take advantage of the service. They are eager to help.

You can reach Teens Helping Seniors at 518-320-7661. 

Email is teenshelpingseniorsny@gmail.com     

Their website is https://teenshelpingseniors.org/albany-newyork/


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