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NewsChannel 13 is teaming up with local police to bring new attention to unsolved crimes all across the Capital Region. We'll be talking with the lead investigators, victims' families, and sharing evidence with you, hoping to help generate new leads and maybe even bring closure to some cases.

We want you to get involved. Watch the stories, look through the #ColdCase13 files on our website, and share them on social media.

Contact us at coldcase13@wnyt.com.

Bethlehem police finally identify body found in 1981

Case closed! 1981 cold case from Delmar finally solved

#ColdCase13 012: Maryanne Wesolowski

#ColdCase13 011: Craig Frear

Age progression photos released in 2008 case of missing Johnstown mom

#ColdCase13 010: Kellisue Ackernecht

Case of 1993 Betty Conley murder gets big boost

$15,000 reward now offered in connection with 1993 Charlton murder investigation

#ColdCase13 009: Ruth Whitman

Cold Case Analysis Center at Saint Rose establishes fund to help solve police cold cases

New DNA rules help New York cold cases

#ColdCase13 Update: Anthropologist finds new clues in Mr. X autopsy

#ColdCase13 008: Mr. X

#ColdCase13 007: Betty Conley

#ColdCase13 005 UPDATE: DNA discovered thanks to new tech

#ColdCase13 005: Catherine Blackburn

#ColdCase13 004: Hammond & White

#ColdCase13 003: Tammie McCormick

#ColdCase13 002: Pam Devizzio

#ColdCase13 001: Ephratah Jane Doe

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