Cardboard cutouts keep basketball fans' spirit alive in Mechanicville

Mark Mulholland & WNYT Staff
Created: February 16, 2021 06:58 PM

MECHANICVILLE – The Mechanicville school community has come up with the next best thing to having fans in attendance for high school sporting events.

Hundreds of familiar faces are in the stands, but they're not screaming and shouting.

Hundreds of cardboard cutouts take the place of real-life fans.

The faces include families and friends of players, well-known community members, and even school lunch ladies past.

It was the idea of school board member Mike Raucci, who wanted to show his support for the basketball teams and the community during the pandemic.

Fans aren't allowed in during COVID, but cutouts are.

Donors paid for all of them and it all came together in just three days.

People can watch the livestream to see the game and their pictures.

Hear what parents think of having their likeness at the games instead of themselves by watching the video of Mark Mulholland's story.

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