RPI team says fungi could be the future of building

September 06, 2019 04:28 PM

TROY - What's your house made out of? Wood, bricks, stone, concrete?

How about fungus? There's a team at RPI hoping to introduce masons to mushrooms.

Two RPI professors and their students take hemp and mycelium, mold and grow it in a bucket and then five days later, they are left a substance strong enough to stand on, and build with.

It's called mycelium. That's the vegetative state of fungi and a baby of a mushroom.

The architecture class at RPI is trying to figure out forms and structures that work for creating buildings with the more ecofriendly material.

Learn more about how the material could one day possibly help in mainstream building by watching the video of Asa Stackel's story.


Asa Stackel

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