Rep. Antonio Delgado steps back on the court for fundraiser

March 24, 2019 08:58 AM

COXSACKIE-- "Basketball is my first love. I started playing as a little kid, played it all through high school and then went to Colgate. I think what it does more than anything is bring people together, across party lines, it gives folks a chance to actually enjoy each other in a way that builds community" said Rep. Antonio Delgado.

Hoping to help to build a greater sense of community is exactly what the former upstate New York basketball hall of famer, turned freshman congressman from the 19th district, Antonio Delgado was shooting for when he played in a charity game for the Coxsackie-Athens school district on Saturday. Delgado's unlikely opponents were the Harlem Wizards. 

"It's a blast because we come here, we bring joy to communities and it's a fundraiser"  said Rashaan Barner of the Harlem Wizards.

The two teams played for a sold out crowd, while fans of all ages watched in awe and learned a few new tricks. Proceeds from the game went to the Coxsackie-Athens fund for education to help support school programs. Joining Delgado in the lineup were some pretty excited C.A. teachers.

"It's amazing, it's pretty fun out there, I"m afraid I'm going to get dunked on" said Curt Wilkinson, a Coxsackie-Athans teacher.

During this game the score board never seemed to really matter and that didn't keep fans from cheering. Congressman Delgado saying win or lose, there's noting like a good old game of hoops.

"It's the beauty of hoops, it's a team game, got to play both ends of the floor, it's very poetic, I love the sport" said Delgado.


Brooke Selby

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