Study finds active parents make for active kids

October 04, 2019 08:20 PM

Do you want your kid to be active? Then get moving yourself.

A new study proves examples set by mom and dad really do matter when it comes to children's behavior.


Researchers found it didn't actually matter how much activity parents did. If kids saw their parents being active, the kids were more likely to get adequate physical activity.

It doesn't mean you have to be training for a marathon - any little bit of activity counts.

"If our kids see us doing that, then they, themselves, realize that physical activity is just a part of life - that it shouldn't be something that's either a chore, or something they have to do, but something that they get to do, and that should be part of their adult life," said Dr. Neha Vyas, with Cleveland Clinic.

Experts recommend getting everyone involved. Go for a hike or a walk together as a family - because physical activity is good for everybody.


WNYT Staff

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