Don't let your guard down on flu

March 21, 2019 06:17 PM

Despite the fact it's spring, we're still fighting the flu.

Typically, flu is winding down this time of year, but according to the Centers for Disease Control, it's still hanging around.

The H3N2 virus is what's currently making people sick.

It's an aggressive virus and similar to the one we saw last flu season that killed an estimated 80,000 people.

However, it's important to know that the H3N2 virus is different from the H1N1 virus we saw earlier this winter.

So, if you were infected with the flu early in the season, you may still catch the strain that's circulating now.

"Typically, we'll see influenza peaking around January/February time frame. Doesn't mean we don't see cases in March, but it's unusual to have a spike occurring in March and that's what we're dealing with right now," said Dr. Kristin Englund from Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Englund says people should stay vigilant and continue good flu prevention practices - including the flu shot.



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