Multilingual brochures break down COVID-19 science |

Multilingual brochures break down COVID-19 science

Created: May 05, 2021 04:31 PM

Before the coronavirus pandemic struck New York City, LaGuardia Community College professor Lucia Fuentes, recognized a language barrier for many of her students whose first language was Spanish. She says her students knew the information, it was just the language.

"So I decided that I was going to have the students make little brochures with abstracts of their work and then I was going to have this poster presentation where they would invite two members of their community or their family and the brochures would be translated into the languages that they knew," said Professor Fuentes.

But her course was altered when "the pandemic kicked us," she said.

Fuentes quickly realized that they could turn their original project into an online, multilingual brochure that would break down the scientific knowledge and facts about the coronavirus for communities around the globe.

"There's so much misinformation," said Fuentes. "This would be a service."

Students translated the brochures into their native languages, including Albanian, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

"It's important for giving that piece of mind for people to have some sort of source," said LaGuardia Community College student, Ruben Felipe Perez. "I hope at the end of all this stuff, we are going to realize how many weaknesses we have, but also we're going to give more value to our families, to our friends, to our communities and to understand that we belong to a network, to a society more than an individual."

The professor's idea has so far produced two brochures on both the virus and vaccinations.


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