Night eating may hinder weight loss

WNYT Staff
Created: January 24, 2020 06:36 PM

It's easy to rack up excess calories in the evening.

Some people may even suffer from a disorder called night-eating syndrome. This happens when you have the urge to eat another meal's equivalent after dinner, or eat in the middle of the night. It creates a vicious cycle where you're not hungry in the morning, you skip meals, but then become overly-hungry later in the day, or at night.


Watching TV before bed also factors in.

"Watching TV while snacking is a really frequent thing that we see with patients that are struggling with their weight-management, because watching TV is such a passive activity, there's a lot of unhealthy food cues on there, so it's really easy for the eating to add up in the evening hours," explained Dr. Kasey Goodpaster, Ph.D., with Cleveland Clinic.

To combat this cycle, Dr. Goodpaster recommends eating regular meals throughout the day and evening, but taking a pause before indulging in a nighttime snack.

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