Popcorn can carry health benefits when prepared right

WNYT Staff
Created: January 17, 2020 07:57 PM

Sunday, January 19 is "National Popcorn Day." While popcorn may not always have the reputation of being a health food, it does have some healthy qualities.

It all comes down to where you get it and how you make it.

Most times we think of getting antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, but you can also get a few from popcorn.

It can be an inexpensive snack and a good alternative to items like potato chips.

However, not all popcorn is good for your health.

While it may taste good, popcorn you get at the movies is not a healthy choice because of the buttery topping.

Also, popcorn with caramel, chocolate, and cheese-coatings are high in calories and low in nutritional content, and are best enjoyed on special occasions only.

"You can top it with whatever you like - a little bit of sea salts, different herbs and spices, things like paprika or other super-foods are great on popcorn," said Ariana Fiorita, RD, with Cleveland Clinic.

Fiorita says it's a good idea to skip microwave popcorn that comes in pre-packaged bags.

Research shows there are chemicals inside the bags that when released, can aggravate asthma symptoms and be harmful to our bodies, long-term.

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