Albany Med researchers working to prevent cancer spread

Benita Zahn & WNYT Staff
Created: January 29, 2021 05:22 PM

When cancer spreads to other parts of the body, the life and death battle can move into high gear. If researchers could find a way to prevent that spread, countless lives could be saved.

"These [cancer] cells kind of have this incredible ability to navigate through these, what we call tight spaces in the body that other cells just simply can't do," explained Jeremy Logue, PhD, assistant professor of regenerative and cancer cell biology at Albany Medical Center.

Research finds these cells can be very soft and pliable to make their way through those tight spaces.

"So one of the things we're looking at is whether or not we can actually make that organelle so stiff that a cell can't actually squeeze through these tight spots any longer and then stop metastasis," Logue said.

Logue says he's optimistic that they're closing in on developing a treatment.

"I would say that 'a-ha' moment that we're seeking is that magic bullet that…makes them special from normal cells, something that we can therapeutically target. Something we can design a small molecule towards that will destruct its activity while leaving those normal cells alone," said Logue.

His research is being funded by a grant from the Melanoma Research Alliance and the American Cancer Society.

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