Apple orchards say rampant theft is forcing cover charges

September 25, 2019 06:36 PM

KINDERHOOK - Should you have to pay a cover charge to go apple picking? A number of local apple orchards say theft is so bad, that's what they're being forced to do.

One of those is Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook, where they have been growing apples and other fruits and veggies for decades.


Lately though, there seems to be a frustration growing on the farm. It seems more and more people aren't just coming for the fun and the fruit. The Samascott family says not a day goes by where someone doesn't try to steal fruits and vegetables from them. That's why they've decided to charge $5 per person as an entry fee. They're also searching every single car that checks out.

Even with the posted warning signs, the farm stand routinely harvests pounds and pounds of stolen produce from car trucks, glove compartments, or emptied out spare tire wells every single day.

Customers can receive 20-percent off $20 or more of a purchase, which would offset the entry fee.

Hear more about why all this stealing is so disheartening to the people who operate the farm, by watching the video of Dan Levy's story.


Dan Levy & WNYT Staff

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