Aurora Games is served up tonight

August 20, 2019 02:41 PM

There will be many changes at Times Union Center over the next few days, from tennis to gymnastics to ice to beach volleyball.

"The crew is used to it, they've done a couple of good runs like this previously in this year so I think we're well practiced and we'll get it done," said Times Union Center Dir. of Operations Nathan Sims.

Another key Aurora element is the Athlete Bill of Rights devised by the Global Athletic Organization based out of Montreal. It gives the athlete more of a say with social media and promotion.

"Athletes need to be able to express their opinion the way anybody should so it's brilliant that this is part of the Aurora Games and it's part of a women's sport event," said Caradh O'Donovan, a kickboxer from Ireland, on the Global Athlete Board of Directors.

And then there's a free fanzone at the Albany Capital Center including "FBI On the Case." There's an investigation station and problem solving event.

The Games and Fanzone run through Sunday.


WNYT Staff

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