BLM protesters express anger over handling of protest breakup |

BLM protesters express anger over handling of protest breakup

WNYT Staff
Updated: April 30, 2021 07:25 PM
Created: April 30, 2021 12:45 PM

Members of the local Black Lives Matter group held a news conference on Friday. They are outlining what is next for their group after last week's break up of their encampment in front of Albany's South Station.

The group says they are angry about the way Albany police removed them from Arch Street with only a 15-minute warning.

They say many officers went against Albany Police policy and removed their badges and name tags when clearing the encampment.

The protesters say a number of activists were also injured.

"You cannot come up with one thing to say that we weren't peaceful, besides some chalk on the wall," said Lexis Figuereo, an activist.

"Chalk is not considered violence, as far as I know. We could look up in Webster's Dictionary what 'violence' is, and I believe chalk is not a part of one of those things."

Earlier this week, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins asserted officers were not concealing their badge numbers for nefarious reasons.
Hawkins said there have been incidents where people used those badge numbers to get personal information about officers, and threatened their families.

Hear what activists say they would like to see done to help find a peaceful resolution by watching the video of Jacquie Slater's story.

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