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Bullet scare prompts Albany woman to call for action

September 09, 2019 06:44 PM

ALBANY - An Albany woman was horrified to find a bullet hole in her front window while her children were inside the home sleeping.

Albany police got a report of shots fired over the weekend. No one was hit, but the gunfire left a family shaken and upset.

Trisha Rosa came home to North Manning in Albany from a family celebration Saturday night to find police in her neighborhood, after gunfire.

"As I get closer to my house, I look at my window, my screen was kind of moved, so I looked. When I actually looked, it was a bullet hole, so I turned back around," she said.

She called an officer over.

"He looked at me, I looked at him. He took out his flashlight, he looked. He asked me if I had children. I was so in shock, we both ran in my apartment. He ran up the stairs with me," she said.

They were relieved to find Rosa’s two children and their cousins unharmed.

The bullet flew through the front room. Rosa had been planning to have a party there that night and the house would have been full of people.

The bullet came in through the window into an area would have been filled with people for a family gathering, then into the closet door, through the closet door and through the back of the closet.

A July shooting on nearby Tyler Trice Terrace left a 16-year-old child injured and a 15-year-old child under arrest.

"There needs to be more police out here. I would like to see something done. I know they have a lot on their hands, and their job is not easy, I do respect that, but I would like to see them more around," said Rosa.

She says people need to speak up and parents have to get more involved.

"I could have, God forbid, been burying one of my children. And like I said, please, it’s not snitching. This is just too much for people," she said.

Rosa says her neighborhood is full of children and she doesn’t want to see any one of them get hurt.


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