Concerns over City of Troy surveillance cameras being brought up again

September 20, 2019 11:13 PM

TROY – Troy police continue to investigate a homicide in Lansingburgh on Tuesday and a shooting Thursday night that left two people injured. Troy City Council President Carmella Mantello said surveillance cameras in the area of the shooting are not working and this has been an ongoing issue.

“For our cameras not to be functioning properly at all times, it's just unacceptable,” said Mantello. “It's a real disservice and certainly it's not safe for our neighborhoods, it's not fair to the police.”


Troy police wouldn’t confirm that the cameras weren’t working Thursday night, but said video is only a tool in an investigation.

There are around 96 cameras around the city. Mantello said the problem is with the software. She said one day a camera will be working and the next it won’t. City Councilman TJ Kennedy said while yes this has been a problem continuously talked about, it’s not an easy fix.

"It's very complex and there's many different options and technology vendors and the public procurement process that creates,” explained Kennedy.

Kennedy wants the council to included $500,000 for video technology in the city’s 2020 budget.

“I believe video technology surveillance is more helpful in solving crimes rather than preventing them, however we do need them in our city,” said Kennedy. “It's evident.”

Mantello said she had been told it's not a funding issue. She said the problem will be discussed at a city council finance committee meeting on Thursday, Sept. 26 to see if immediate action needs to be taken.

“If we need to void the contract with the present vendor, I'm imploring the mayor to do that,” said Mantello. “I'll support the mayor whole heartedly and we can put out an emergency RFP and get someone onboard next week.”

NewsChannel 13 did reach out to city hall about the cameras not working. The mayor’s office said inquiries regarding the city’s camera network can be directed to Troy Police. NewsChannel 13 did reach out to police about the problem, but did not hear back.


Emily De Vito

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