Department of Transportation promotes pedestrian safety campaign

June 28, 2019 12:57 PM

Over the past month, NewsChannel 13 has reported on at least three major car-pedestrian accidents. That’s a fraction of those that have occurred. Now, a new campaign is out by the NYS DOT on not crossing mid-block and for drivers to be reminded that there are more pedestrians now than at any time during the year.

The state is working on several pedestrian safety enhancements. In the Capital Region, there's been $2.8 million spent to upgrade 195 sites. So far, work has been completed at 47 of them.

In the Mohawk Valley, it's $1.1 million for 156 sites. In the North Country, $1 million for 154 sites.

"Walkers have got the right of way," said Bryan Viggiani of NYSDOT. "Don't be aggressive, don't go right up to them, don't honk your horn. Let them cross. They'll get across safely and you'll have plenty of time still to complete your turn. So please be aware of that when you're turning your vehicle as well."

The reminder is to look left, right and left again, even on one-way streets.

"We've installed some high-visibility yellow neon signs at some uncontrolled crosswalks where there aren't signals to alert drivers to the potential presence of pedestrians."


WNYT Staff

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