'Dig Safely New York' clears up confusion on who needs to call before digging

May 31, 2019 06:54 PM

Do you really need to call Dig Safely New York every time you work in your garden?

That was pretty much the message Spectrum gave NewsChannel 13's Jerry Gretzinger on Thursday, after he told them about a cable wire that got snapped outside his house last weekend. That cable broke when he was cultivating soil in a flower bed.

Lots of people shared similar issues.

Spectrum's response was - it's the law to check with 811 first.

NewsChannel 13 called Dig Safely New York to verify that - and that's not entirely true.

Homeowners - are exempt from that law. They said if you're putting something deep in the ground - like a new tree or a mailbox - you should call them first. However, if you're just loosening soil and planting flowers, it shouldn't be a problem.

Professional contractors digging up your yard are the ones required by law to verify the location of utility lines.

They did say if you come across a cable that's not well buried, call the utility and ask them to fix it.


WNYT Staff

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