Fireworks looked at as possible cause of Latham fire

July 05, 2019 11:17 PM

LATHAM - Fourth of July celebrations turned chaotic in Latham around 10:30 p.m. Thursday. Colonie Fire investigators said that's when a home on Marne Street caught fire. They believe it started in the garage and quickly spread to the attic.

The neighborhood is both figuratively and physically tight knit, so firefighters had to work fast.


"I know that one of the first things the fire department did was to set up between the house where the fire was in the house next-door to try and stop the spread, the heat from coming over and damaging the house any further,” Town of Colonie Fire Protection Specialist Ben Stevens said.

A few firefighters have minor injuries, but everyone else is okay.

No word yet on an official cause, though Colonie Police are now asking the public for pictures and videos of fireworks in the Archmont Knolls area, specifically at the intersection of Marne and Meuse Streets.

"We have not determined if that was the cause of the fire or not, I know that they were just looking for those types of things,” Stevens said.

Bill Hammarstrom stopped to take a look at the destroyed home on Friday. He said he's feeling uneasy after seeing the damage and hearing from neighbors who say they found remnants of fireworks on their properties.

“If somebody wants to shoot those things off they should really go out to a field or someplace where there's not a lot of houses or anything around,” Hammarstrom said. “You never know where the sparks are going to land."

As holiday festivities throughout the weekend, fire officials want everyone to make sure they’re taking proper precautions with bonfires and barbeques, especially with the dry weather we've had.

"Keep those things away from the house, 15 to 20 feet away from the house so that if something does occur with a fire pit or gas grill or something like that it will be far enough away,” Stevens said.

Investigators will continue to work on determining the cause of the fire after the holiday weekend. Stay with NewsChannel 13 for updates.


Emily Burkhard

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